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A long company history is proof for many right decisions

The Company


MOHR is a brand of the Adolf Mohr Maschinenfabrik:

Adolf Mohr Maschinenfabrik (machine factory) was founded in 1906 developing from a mechanical workshop. The family´s forefathers had been blacksmiths. Since that time the company has not only changed its line of products, but also developed from a regional supplier to the largest global supplier of cutting machines.

From the first days after the company was established on 24 September, up to the Second World War the factory had built machines for the regional timber industry in the Taunus area. Adolf Mohr was granted several patents for wood and metal working machines.

Since the better known cutting machine manufacturers of that time were all based in the eastern part of Germany, there was no such supplier in Western Germany after the war. Karl and Rudolf Mohr used their connections to the graphic trade, made the most of this unique opportunity and started to develop cutters.

First cutting machine with electrical control system sold under brand name POLAR.

The 10,000th POLAR cutter was sold at drupa '62

First cutting school worldwide in Hofheim. The 20,000th POLAR cutter was sold at drupa '67

50,000th POLAR cutter sold worldwide

100,000th POLAR cutter sold (drupa '95)

POLAR 66. the new cutting machine fro small printed items.
POLAR is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001

100-year company anniversary
Opening of the POLAR Service Center (PSC) which provides a highly efficient warehouse and dispatch system.
125,000th POLAR worldwide

Launch of the brand MOHR with cutters 56, 66 and 80.

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